The Lost Wars

When You Stop Watching Porn

This Side Hustler

It’s Babi Year

Finally, Finally

24 Ways to Stop Being An Asshole

Gorgeous Summers

Sometimes Ya, Sometimes

Gue-Lo Diplomacy

Stupid Facebook Rant

Warm Winter

Not Lion Air’s Fault

Be Another Jedi


Things I Did Not Learn

23, Barking


Everybody Sepik

10 Years Later

The Quest to Indonesia Timur

The Dick Thing

On the Verge

Midyear Report

The Skipped Pages


In the Static Mode

Nyepi in Tanah Abang

Launching Baleku

Check In

Made in Alor

Tabs Open

On Quraysh Street

Soaked on Vespa

Buku Kami: An Update

Jakarta’s Gridlock

It Must’ve Been Love

I Dance

22. Resume

Sipping American Jamu

500% Indonesian

Ladyboy Slap

Aggressively Naked

Up and Falling

I Have Time

Step Back: I’m Not Prostituting

Easy Money

My Both Worlds

I Kill for A Living

I Studied Abroad Once

Today in 2015: I’ve Winged It

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