Things I Do

a l r i g h t . . .

Tiang Space & Locavado Restaurant

My main work. We are working towards creating comfortable home for digital nomads and doers from around the world. You’re welcome to work, give a talk, share, or setup your business at the heart of beautiful Kuta, Lombok. Another thing, we will also be selling great seasonal fruit-based dishes at a restaurant attached to this coworking space. More about us here!

Runcing Foundation

Together with my rangers around the country and the world, our aim is to work relentlessly to help create and improve education in underserved islands of Indonesia. And to improve the existing quality of education where needed. We raise money, design and build school, and conduct training for teachers. Click here to learn more!

Nyale Agency

Now, this is where my digital marketing enthusiasts and I get to practice our love of marketing for plenty of brands and individuals. The agency is named after a legendary tale from South Lombok of a princess (read more online!). Here we want to work very closely with our businesses and individuals to help them succeed obtaining the objectives. Click to see everything we do at Nyale.L

Rise and Rice

We sell the best Indonesian food you could possibly have anywhere, Nasi Campur, from a tiny yellow truck that looks like Bumblebee. We usually park around Kuta, Lombok or festivals around Senggigi, Mataram, East Lombok, wherever the crowd takes us. Follow here to know where we park next time!F

Baleku Press

Fun stuff where information is shared, written by anyone, and edited by us at Baleku. Temporarily accessible here. New updates are coming along.

Youtube Shit

I come from a generation where at least 15% of my friends do this for a living. It’s starting to look fun and I’m still considering. hehehehe. Coming up soon. When I feel like it 😉

On the side: learning to farm and get very well at gardening and a few sports I love. Also still struggling to learn how to manage money to afford my next crazy adventures coz this one hobby is too expensive for muggles.

Past Work: Buku Kami.