The Lost Wars

I have lost more than I can remember.

To you.  To my greatest weakness. To the countless times I opt to bury my pride somewhere deep where I can no longer feel it. To completely forget who I really was before stepping into this, in which we both find each other.

Books and plenty of other theories uphold the idea of winning every war there is. But not this one. It is strangely different. So different that tearing each other apart is not the currency.

But we seem to have come around. Learning to lose is learning to love. When you love, you fall, hard. They say only love that has the power to do all the impossible in the world. Say what you will but people have been romanticising this idea since eons ago coz they were astoundingly struck in all the crazy shows of how true love can be, how much farther it can push people, and how wrong they all were, that love is unexplainably weird, that you do the opposite of what your rational brain tells you to, that you just fail to make sense of it all. You hate it. You do it anyway while wishing at some point, it’ll all make sense. You don’t know how long but you, with faith, stay.

Cheers. To the war we’ve lost so beautifully. 






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