24 Ways to Stop Being An A**hole

  1. Talk only when necessary.
  2. Reply important emails and other messages. Don’t leave people hanging.
  3. Don’t leave things unresolved.
  4. Plan your work. Work your plan.
  5. If people need help, lend a hand when you can.
  6. Quit giving false promises just because push comes to shove.
  7. Whatever mom wants, give it.
  8. Listen first. Shut up until someone asks for an advice.
  9. Do regular check-in on people you care about.
  10. Never think twice about appreciating someone.  Or something.
  11. Never come up with an idea but never executes shit.
  12. Odds are always stacked against you. Accept it.
  13. Say sorry. You just know when.
  14. Pay all bills on time (try to). Find your peace with deadlines.
  15. If depressed, treat it. Don’t take it out on people.
  16. Appreciate your health more than everything in this world combined.
  17. Stoicism matters.
  18. Make that one decision when you need to. Say something.
  19. Think of the worst that could have happened to you. Be grateful it didn’t.
  20. Please don’t ever try to sound like someone you’re not.
  21. Criticise no one but yourself.
  22. Constantly self-proclaiming to be an introverted just to push people away. Anxiety to be surrounded by people is horrible but you gotta start somewhere.
  23. It’s easy to feel treated like crap. Perhaps, we haven’t done a great job at it either.
  24. Just try to not hurt anyone or animals.






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