You Gorgeous Summers

It always begins in the summer.

Like in every summer, you bring the best, and possibly the worst, in me.

Our sun is galaxies away but you can smell her just fine from where you are.

I can feel the mist drifting away from my half-wet body.

From scooter that runs at 60km/h. Or that fictional book you continue reading in this heat.

And yes, the ocean and her salt.

I think I like it. I like them. Very much.

And I love the human in me in this weather.

The sand. The comfort of not giving a flying fuck. That pause I’ve long missed.

I just want to have more pauses. But can’t seem to afford to. Not now.

The wind. The curl. The 2m tall waves. The dry you. Dry hopes and nights of fun.

Strangers. Broken and half-assed fighters that we all are.

Trying to go gentle into the night. One we can relish and wish to forget.

That bonfire. To whatever extend of intimacy it could bring us all.

All sorts of mixed English spoken on a weird, drunk accent you hear at tables and on many streets of hipsters. Strong Latina accent. The east asian ones. Thick French and other European accent. Or the confusing aussie words you never heard of and are expected to understand.

The joys and sorrows from running to a sunrise point, half-drunk, breathing the thin air.

We drink. We smoke. We jump into the water under the stars. We grill the dreams. Hard.

Summer is full of nude minds. We take that suit off of our brain, in which we take so much fucking pride.

This freedom we’ve yearned to have is finally here.

I can hear the water, flowing over the vertical, fast, onto my head. And slowly to your head as you join the awkward dance.


The green. As green as it can be. The perfectly orchestrated sound of nature you could have the orgasm from.

Summer is as wild as it can get.

Many dreams to be shared. And to celebrate the uncelebrated.

There’s a lot of heartbreaks too. They are piled in this old trash bin, dying to be emptied.

And beautiful summers beat every heartbreak.

Because never had I felt more accepted and naked in my life than I am under the happy sun.

Now that the plane is descending into an island with endless summer. I can wake up to new beginnings each day.

And I carry them wherever I go.

to me, it’s always motherfucking summer.






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