500% Indonesian

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Dirgahayu, Indonesia!

Terima kasih for showing me that education is still seen as a luxury in many parts of you. 21 years, and yet I know so little about you.

Makasih for making me want to learn more about you every single day.

Makasih lagi for having made the progress at such remarkable speed since the day we told the world we wanted to be free.

The heroes before me and those who fight today, thanks for fighting so hard and bringing us closer to our goal as a diverse nation (you’re impressively huge and difficult).

It’s a long journey to get there. I know. But I’m deeply grateful that more and more people from my generation are willing to make that difference in ways I can’t imagine.

Saya cinta kamu banget Indonesia. I’m lucky to have been raised in a place where I could see old women busting their butt at 4am to keep their children in school.

You’ve taught me so much that I could never trade my loyalty to you with anything in this world. Sekali merdeka tetap merdeka!






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