chronicles of a millennial.

  • 28 Days on Tiktok.

    Tiktok and I somehow became these great bestfriends in the past few months, so I decided one day to just fuck it and post whatever I made 28 days ago. Ever since, I’ve been showered with positive feedback. One or two posts I got lucky it went somewhat viral, which led me to the rise…

  • Silent dinners.

    Come home to me. Make love to me. One more time.

  • From this, to this.

    From this in 2013….. to this (March 2021). My heart is full knowing that I get to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing since I was little – trying to help others in the tiniest ways I know how. 

  • On surprising yourself more.

    “It seems that Jakarta to me ends in this Pasar Palmerah and I could never imagine living or hanging farther off.” I actually went to uni 2km off that imaginary border and have somehow continued to work here. And liking the area more! “Gah fucking dumb people trying to look great online. Pretentious.” Now I…

  • On being liked and maintaining loyalty.

    Think it’s obvious how I’ve been forewarned of the many blessings I have been gifted, that I am luckier than most in some departments of my life, economically, physically, academically, or that I am a male, a lot of which have brought me better odds of succeeding in many things life and work.

  • Fast-forward 2020.

    Started off from Gili T. Sober, rainy morning at the usual cafe with plenty of bules fleeing the island to Europe, Australia and China. Then Jan in, thinking of joining a trip I arrange to SG or not. With the virus effect started kicking in. Feb in BKK and broke down in KL on the…

  • JUST IN: Richest Man on Earth.

    I understand that some of the most prominent stock prices at home and around the world are in the “gas, not brakes” mood right now, but hey what have we here – who also profited off of the pandemic 🙂

  • Sing along for mental health.

    As you may have read on Vogue and Business Week, I have been seen on youtube more now to the tune of 20 views/video because, one, IG bores the fuck out of me (flooded w toxic people preaching about not being toxic), two, I felt more comfortably shitposting on youtube and twitter, from which my…

  • Grasping at straws, but better.

    So I come to think of it, instead of writing a long sappy life journey on how uncomfortably positioned I am right now in life, maybe I’ll just share the kind of coping mechanism that has worked for me. These days, and a few months prior, I have been intentionally keeping myself occupied with some…

  • Quick Check-in:

    Just a week ago, I decided to move back again to hustle in my adopted city of Big Durian to join a team of a leading insurtech startup in the country and beyond. The immense amount of ongoing work in my paradise home Lombok is still under a great control, hoping it’d stay that way…