chronicles of a millennial.

  • Limerence on San Junipero.

    dammit, loathed I. Feet all wet, fresh off of the boat with these luggages I could barely carry anymore. The endless flights and transfers and taxi and boat and taxi again and uh can’t remember but I’m here now.

  • Un-Living the Residue.

    Diving into 2023, head first. Never am I not so taken aback to early days of covid. Because since then, how much life had changed for me, perhaps like everyone else. and for the past 12 months that had gone super fast, I recognize some residue of last year like those hyper vivid memories of…

  • Heartbreak Express.

    It’s a heartbreak-bound one, but we hopped on anyway. There I was, after stealing a few glimpses, full-on struck off the gate, at you, the almighty energy, awakening every lust there was. We boarded with zero hesitation. And it’s just pure game on along these carriages. Choo choo, off we went.

  • Full Circle.

    It’s Monday and I’m well thanks for asking. Meow. Through a series of anxiety-fueled weekends I have been working, I can practically breathe now on my freed up Monday morning. The second half of year, and I seem to have experienced several epiphanies, a few of which:

  • [editing] A day off – Healed?

    A quarter ago, life at work was peaking, I found myself struggling to navigate life around work and life, and love, to the extent I was taken to see a shrink. I was suddenly handed a million things at once and taking up too much of my personal bandwidth.

  • An Antidote to Delayed Grief.

    [let’s just keep this as WIP until the antidote works] So, I have not been feeling like quite myself for some time now but as it grew stronger and my life took a few dramatic turns recently, the needs are demanding to be met, to pour out these emotions here, both the already processed and…

  • A year, two years ago today.

    A year ago today, after flying into the capital from Jogja, and hypersocializing with 20-ish people from all over the country, I tested positive for COVID-19.

  • From Card Getting Declined, to Hyper-Social.

    Let’s just begin gently from how ecstatic I am to finally jam on this keyboard on Sunday morning, minding my own business, just penning shit from my head to this public, personal blog. I mean who else is blogging these days leaving messy digital footprint for their future partner, employer, investor? donor? school? The answer…

  • Nailing the Summit.

    I have not had the chance to trek anymore. The last time I did it was circa 2013 to Rinjani, which was closer to home for a beginner. And nothing major ever since, just a little hike here and there when I felt like it, and a few plans to embark on adventures in Nepal…

  • JB After Midnight.

    One in the morning and JB Sentral was buzzing still with returning Malaysians from the Lion City. Me, however, was left starving with probably 60 RM in cash and the three ATMs I tried couldn’t dispense the damn money. Ugh was I not bummed out waiting for my next train from JB to KL to…