JUST IN: Richest Man on Earth.

I understand that some of the most prominent stock prices at home and around the world are in the “gas, not brakes” mood right now, but hey what have we here – who also profited off of the pandemic 🙂

Quick Check-in:

Just a week ago, I decided to move back again to hustle in my adopted city of Big Durian to join a team of a leading insurtech startup in the country and beyond. The immense amount of ongoing work in my paradise home Lombok is still under a great control, hoping it’d stay that way… Continue reading Quick Check-in:

What Building Feels Like

Sometime around circa 2013, this online place called Medium, people had only picked up the culture of ‘quit your job and travel the world’ or ‘quit and start your empire’ shit. It is 99% of that I swear.

Crash Landing on Covid

The world is 95% cancelled. And perhaps the rest is for governments around the world keeping up. It’s the outbreak followed by financial tsunami. And in this episode, my innocent ass got caught up in the whirlwind of it all, like everyone else by now.  

Roaring Twenties.

And a decade passed. Most things have changed to their dramatic extent, others remain as if time never elapsed. What the hell happened to the first half of our roaring twenties anyways?

I wanna be a pilot.

I remember at about 4 or 5 years old, a boy would repeat himself “mau jadi pilot” whenever someone asked him the world’s most overrated question for children.