Don’t Be the Last Jedi

It occurred to me that every time I watch a movie, in my case it’s a lot of fictional movies, my attention seems to have been driven towards the protagonist character (doesn’t have to be the main character) who makes the call whether to keep pushing it to the limit or not. 



I can’t tell how long it’s been, but I’ve been running at my top speed. Just like everyone else, I go out there and chase my goals. And I’ve always been the happiest man to be able to do everything my heart tells me to. The horror to that thought is to bleed over and over again and still not getting what we think we deserve. It hurts. But there’s worse.




I deserve your love, I do

I’ve been here when nobody else was looking, 

Accepted every bit of you before you even knew me, who I was, how many worlds I’d been through.

But damn,

All the men inside me had fallen for you. Hard.