From this, to this.

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From this in 2013…..

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Our stellar scholarship recipients.

to this (March 2021).

My heart is full knowing that I get to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing since I was little – trying to help others in the tiniest ways I know how. 

Not a big fan of sugar-coating stories, but it’s worth mentioning that these incredible girls and boys have continued to amaze their parents and teachers.

I may come from Lombok, but my parents certainly did not share the same struggles that many are still facing in many areas when it comes to “ok what’s next after completing 6th grade in this so-called free education?”. Like a few lucky others, I get to be where I am today in life because some people have opened doors of opportunities for me. I want to pay it forward. 

At Runcing Foundation, our definition of improving access has expanded not only to focus on infrastructure, but also to invest heavily in, well, these remarkable students or families. We have piloted a scholarship model and partnered up with an amazing private school in West Mataram, Pesantren Sayang Ibu, whose curriculum has allowed our students not only to excel in classes but also in nature. There’s a lot we’ve learned and how we can do better to keep more and more remarkable students in school.  Thanks to Share for Care for consistently pushing the envelope 🙂

Read more on about the program, or ping me!

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