JUST IN: Richest Man on Earth.

I understand that some of the most prominent stock prices at home and around the world are in the “gas, not brakes” mood right now, but hey what have we here – who also profited off of the pandemic 🙂

Due to a poorly made decision made in the beginning of year, I seem to have put a lot of people I deeply care about through some seriously difficult times, affecting both their year-end plan and life trajectory they have crafted, and most importantly putting our long cultivated trust at such a deep risk.

I still, however hard, strive to ride the deadly waves from one day to another, no longer having a good sense of how much longer you can run on such thin ice.

Today, I fixed some of the problems, but not all. Maybe the day I fix every problem will be the day I find a million more to solve. All in all, I’m still ten times luckier than millions and billions of others to find myself in place where I still have enough-paying jobs, companies to run, have resources to see both my mamas, have the most-loving people I know on earth. Thank you for not turning some of your backs and lend a hand when you could to those finding themselves in tornado. May all the great Gods in the universe bless your genuine effort!

Life is short. Stay whole. Even when you’re pulled in a million directions.






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