Grasping at straws, but better.

So I come to think of it, instead of writing a long sappy life journey on how uncomfortably positioned I am right now in life, maybe I’ll just share the kind of coping mechanism that has worked for me. These days, and a few months prior, I have been intentionally keeping myself occupied with some pet projects. The idea is, to focus on the brighter sides of things in this dark life we’ve stumbled upon, right? Whatever – but here’s a few I’ve done that you and I might share a thing or two in common with:

Tiang Space and 1000 Startup Digital

Although mostly virtual, my baby Tiang Space that was supposed to launch this summer break (not Australian summer), is now participating in this massive, national event to boost our startup ecosystem around the country along with 16 other cities. We’re at phase two now (out of 5) and anyone from anywhere is more than welcome to join our series of free events here: Click this to learn more or even apply. Make sure you choose Mataram when applying if you wanna be a part of our group 🙂

Runcing Foundation’s First Scholarship Batch

All my life I have been extremely privileged to go learn things fully sponsored, a.k.a scholarship. My ambitious ass has been taking me to places in the world to see Obama, talking to Ban Ki Moon in high school years, or even a chance to turn down a few scholarship offers my way because I was aiming for something bigger (although I failed to secure the bigger fish lol). Bottom line is that it feels nice to feel valued and truly supported for what people feel you are capable of in this life and beyond. At Runcing, I have every chance of turning a dream into reality, to really pay it forward, to those whose heart is screaming to reach for the stars but really life has made it really, really difficult for some people to even get a fair start to get anywhere. Some have to fight a million times harder.

With this, I’m asking you kindly to take a look at this program and help me and my team to keep around 60-90 remarkable students of 7th-12th grade in school. We have everything in place from supervisor, school partners, etc to ensure we deliver this mission. That we use every penny extremely with extreme care to details and responsibly. If you could spare your coffee money today or buy that fancy shoes on your next payday 🙂 that would mean the world to me and I sure as hell would grab drinks with you (this does not sound great but ok). Or click below to have a chat with me:

Inspira ID

This initiative is fresh from the oven. A prominent, inspiring celeb friend asked if I’m keen on helping some of the brightest students in Indonesia to gain free mentoring from figures they might look up to to succeed in their future career, it’s a million times yes. So we are now open for anyone still in university, looking for one on one mentoring from some of the best minds, here is your chance to explore your potential deeper and carve the kind of future you want. All starts here.


There’s a lot more going on than what I can tell you now from coffee to property to travel industry to digital agency to how to dodge shitty lawyers. But I’m a lazy ass who loves to sleep in early now. So adios amigos. zzzzz.






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