Quick Check-in:

  • Just a week ago, I decided to move back again to hustle in my adopted city of Big Durian to join a team of a leading insurtech startup in the country and beyond.
  • The immense amount of ongoing work in my paradise home Lombok is still under a great control, hoping it’d stay that way , thanks to best of the best gurus for teaching me to be virtually omnipresent from faraway places, and to tech.
  • Just turned 26 yesterday and felt still younger than ever, considering 80% of mis amigos are in the club thirties hehe.
  • Keen on buying me gifts? 🙂 Here’s a link for you to help keep hundreds of incredibly remarkable students (grade 7-12) from Lombok, Sumbawa, NTT, to continue pursuing their potentials in across 5 selected schools in Lombok. All this volunteer work managed by Runcing Foundation.
  • I’m still unmarried, have zero kids, no dogs anymore, but attached with a list of other expectations in my back.
  • The shithole I’ve been put through since early COVID (February onwards) is still a chapter I’m struggling to close with literally everything that I have left.
  • Never in my life I had to involve service of three different lawyers to help sort my shit.
  • I also lost a great best friend in the midst of the great turbulence. You can’t keep people whom you no longer gravitate towards and serve the same purpose.
  • I blocked JK Rowling account and Elon Musk. I feel sorry coming from a generation that still worships big figures that are extremely lacking in the human department and equality.

I will write more when I have time, I swear. gotta wear mask and buy that IKEA shit now because what else are jakartans doing on a weekend in pandemic ryte if not playing tennis or collecting plants. Cheers!






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