Something good.

Something good. 

In a long period time, filled with one catastrophe after another, a question would make its way to get heard, why has not anything good hit me? Even on a day when one should feel special with a good company of loved ones.

Have I been pushing the God-trained good angels away in all these universes. 

More often than not it feels like you could only book a ticket in advance to your favorite places in the world, figuratively and literally, and whenever it gets more real and real and yes fuck I’m so excited, you’re left alone with your sad mug of hot tea. At least in most cases. It’s almost as if you weren’t worthy of even dreaming about all that in your head.

Men make plans. Gods laugh. 

That. Or I just did a terrible job at counting my blessings. I do not know which but I guess heart aches when it wants to.






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