Author: lalucarlos

  • Ladyboy Slap

    Even a free bird like me can’t avoid the excitement of being stranded, or anything that detaches myself from things I’ve known too well.

  • Aggressively Naked

    It’s been an exquisite boat ride so far, which led me to a few interesting discoveries I would start calling as my guru.

  • Up and Falling

    The ride is exciting. Your inbox is rained by good news. Your friend is leaving for Syria, Spain, Geneva, Italy, Kenya, Beijing, India and many great parts to do their thing for a better world.

  • I Have Time

    What the hell.

  • Step Back: I’m Not Prostituting

    Maybe if you’ve heard somewhere that I’ve taken the plunge as a social entrepreneur (another new fancy business term in 21st century), it’s true. I have been, for a year almost, running a startup called Buku Kami. Perhaps not for the time being, until I’m done unprostituting my brain.

  • Easy Money

    It’s never easy. Wherever you go.

  • My Both Worlds

    “You’re interesting!” she shouted at my face.

  • I Kill for A Living

    I shit you not. I don’t know what I’m doing. I just do things that excite and scare me all at once, things that are completely foreign to my eyes. As an absolute cost, making mistakes is one of them. And of course not everyone bothers to afford this type of luxury. Precisely here is some blackbelt…

  • I Studied Abroad Once

    About studying abroad. (Taken from my old Medium account)

  • Today in 2015: I’ve Winged It

    Hell of a write! Things I’d like to publicly announce.